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Past Projects

Oil Platform Fire

Spring 2016
Bayou Sorrel

A storage tank exploded on the platform in Berry Lake west of Bayou Richard as the platform was being dismantled. Two large storage tanks caught fire. No one was injured and the fire was contained.

Boat Salvage

Fall 2016
Lower Mississippi River

During a marine casualty, McKinney quickly mobilizes to the site and immediately goes to work trying to help and assist in anyway possible. McKinney will safely and effectively find a solution for you while maintaining our efforts to protect the environment.  As shown resurfacing this towboat with a single derrick barge in one to two days. Call to see how McKinney can be added to your Emergency Response Plan.

Barge Salvage

This barge sank inside a loading/unloading covered facility which restricted overhead clearance.  With innovation and skill, McKinney was able re float this barge by creating new solutions.

Heavy Lift

Call McKinney for all of your Heavy Lift and Barge Stacking needs.

Load Outs for Oil Industries and other customers

McKinney has traveled much of the south and New Orleans ports to assist in loading/offloading heavy machinery/vessels for various types of oil and gas companies and large cargo carriers from around the globe.