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Quality Service Statement

McKinney Marine, Inc.’s, Quality Service Program is defined by the separate but fully integrated functions of safety, training, vessel administration, and standard operating procedures.

Our Quality Service Program involves dedicated shore side and marine employees that are committed to the development and monitoring of quality standards for safe and consistent performance to meet our customer’s needs.

All employees are empowered with the responsibility and authority to prevent non-conformities, initiate and provide solutions with zero incidents to fulfill the requirement of the Quality Service Program.

Steve A McKinney
President of Operations

Safety Management Statement

McKinney Marine, Inc. is a marine transportation company that is committed to a responsible Safety Management System.

We will keep safety as our first priority conducting all activities in a safe, conscientious, and environmentally sound manner. We have the goals of:

  • Safety of Personnel, Vessels, and Equipment
  • Prevention of Human Injury and/or Loss of Life
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Avoidance of Environmental or Property Damage

The Safety Management objectives are achieved through:

  • Development and implementation of policies, procedures, training, and high standards of safety and pollution prevention that are understood and practiced throughout the company.
  • Properly trained employees that are empowered with the responsibility and authority to prevent non-conformities and to initiate, resolve, and document compliance with procedures and policies.
  • Motivated employees that are dedicated to the continuous development and monitoring of established standards for compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations.


Environmental Statement

McKinney Marine, Inc., is a marine transportation company that understands and accepts the responsibility for its operations that take place in environmentally and ecologically sensitive areas.

McKinney Marine, Inc., personnel are dedicated to environmental stewardship through a proactive program of recognizing, minimizing, and responding to environmental hazards.  We are committed to working with the government and our customers to achieve our goal of zero spills and zero pollution incidents.

McKinney Marine, Inc., environmental principles are:

  • We will keep safety and environmental protection as a priority in our business planning, and in the operation and maintenance of our equipment.
  • We will comply with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations.
  • We will have strict regulatory compliance supported by a program of continuous education and training of employees.
  • We will document and evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures.
  • We will actively participation in creating responsible laws, regulations, and standards that safeguard the environment.